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Why Rent a Wacky Corner Photo Booth?

Blog by Wacky Corner Team | October 31st, 2011

Why Rent a Wacky Corner Photo Booth?

Giving you and your guests the freedom to create memories is a mission of Wacky Corner Photo Booth. Capturing intimate, hilarious, and unforgettable moments is another. Our photo booths can provide your guests with a unique keepsake to remember your event forever.

Portability is also one of the best part about Wacky Coner photo booth. What ever your event is, wherever your event is, we can be there. We also give you the ability to customize the photos specifically for your event. You get to choose from a vast number of props. You also get to choose the layout, size and color. We can even work with you to create a custom logo that can be added to your prints. We can also create a custom album or guestbook to ensure your event won’t soon be forgotten.

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